Latest Tiffany and Co Blue Book collection celebrates The Art of the Wild

The necklace features 350 leaves in 18-karat yellow gold attached to a diamond-set collar with more than 200 baguette-cut diamonds, totalling 60 karats. — Picture courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

NEW YORK, April 25 — After 2015’s water theme and 2016’s transformation, replica Tiffany & Co has once again sought inspiration in nature for 2017’s prestigious Blue Book collection. This year’s offering, dubbed “The Art of the Wild,” includes a selection of exceptional jewellery creations, including some of the brand’s most spectacular pieces, combining expertise, art and creativity.

Known for the beauty of its diamonds and precious stones, cheap Tiffany & Co presents a series of prestigious jewellery creations each year with its Blue Book collection, showcasing the creativity, skills and expertise of its studio. The collection brings diamonds, precious jewels, pearls and 18-karat yellow gold to necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings with designs inspired by specific themes.

“We continuously push the boundaries of craftsmanship and innovation in every way. Every single year we’re looking for different ways to produce pieces that are so technically complicated, they seem almost impossible, but this is where we make the impossible happen,” says Melvyn Kirtley, Tiffany and Co outlet chief gemologist and vice president of high jewelry.

Nature: Wild, magical and changing

Each year, nature returns as a source of inspiration for the Blue Book collection. This year, in particular, the studio harnesses the unbridled beauty of a tropical island.

Earrings from the Tiffany Blue Book 2017 / The Art of the Wild collection.

The creations are split into six distinct themes: “Whispers of the Rain Forest,” about nature’s constant agitation, “Miracle Berry,” inspired by the magical powers of a berry, “The Falls,” evoking the power of waterfalls, “Leaves of the Sun,” nodding to regeneration, “Feathered Cloak,” celebrating the flamboyant colours of exotic birds, and “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” inspired by the metamorphosis of flowers.

“The Art of the Wild” features exceptional jewels, including baguette- and round-cut diamonds, spessartites, rubellites, tsavorites, sapphires, black South Sea pearls and tourmalines.

Bracelet from the Tiffany Blue Book 2017 / The Art of the Wild collection. — Picture courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Standout pieces include a ring featuring a 13-carat oval elbaite tourmaline, a platinum necklace with 200-baguette cut diamonds, round pavés diamonds, and more than 350 hand-sculpted 18k yellow gold leaves, and a pair of palm leaf earrings with tsavorites, yellow sapphires and black pearls.

The Tiffany & Co Blue Book 2016 was entitled “The Art of Transformation” and the 2015 edition was themed “The Art of the Sea.” — AFP-Relaxnews

Tiffany & Co Announces a Bold New Replica Jewelry Collection

Tiffany & Co. has announced its Tiffany HardWear, a new replica jewelry collection that embodies the power and spirit of New York City and the energy of its streets. The collection name and designs draw inspiration from the urban soul of the city, where the modern rebel mixes high fashion with street style.

Tiffany HardWear is as classic as it is edgy. Inspired by a unisex bracelet from 1971, the collection has been re-imagined to include earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants, and goes perfectly with a leather jacket as it does with couture.

The metal-intensive designs capture the industrialism of the city. The signature gauge links at the heart of this graphic collection reflect the clean, simple shapes of utilitarian hardware. A chain necklace in 18k gold features graduated links that shift in scale, with a clasp that seamlessly disappears into the piece. A reinterpretation of the original design is embellished with a detachable lock and ball for versatile styling. The unique bolt backing on a pair of triple drop earrings makes for a perfectly symmetrical design, as striking from the back as it is from the front.

Tiffany HardWear will be available on beginning May 2 and in stores including Las Vegas on April 28.

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